At What Cost? 5 Tips for Affording In-Home Senior Care

You’re in the middle of your workday when you get a frightening phone call. Your parent has fallen and hurt themselves. (Turns out they were trying to get out to their car to go buy groceries.)

This is a nightmare scenario that millions of people live on a daily basis. 

You want to do the absolute best care you can find for them, and, you know that they won’t want to be plucked from their homes to be placed in a senior care community. But, can you afford senior care in-home?

The truth is, affording in-home senior care is often cheaper than putting them in a facility, and there are some methods that you can use to make it more affordable than you may have thought. Keep reading to find out all your options.

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5 Types of Care Services for Seniors

Given that nearly half of all seniors need assistance in their day to day activities, there is more help needed than is currently available. Senior care options can be comprehensive or sporadic, depending on the situation of the person in need of help. Here are five of the most common options that seniors utilize as they age.

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Signs That an Elderly Person Needs a Home Care Aide.

Aging in place is a positive option for seniors. Elderly persons benefit in many ways when they can enjoy independence in their own homes. However, this does not mean a senior does not need help. You may notice some signs that your loved one needs a home care aide.

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6 Helpful In-Home Caregiving Products

6 Helpful In-Home Caregiving Products:
Tools to Help Make Caregiving a Little Easier

Practical tools can help make any job a little easier, especially tools that are designed specifically for the situation at hand. Thankfully there’s a wide variety of products to help in-home caregivers care for their senior loved ones and help keep them safe. Caregiving is a tough enough job as it is. The following are a few products that can help make a caregiver’s job, and a senior’s life, a little easier.

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