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7 Tips for Helping Elderly Parents Accept Care

Helping elderly parents is never easy, especially when they’re stubborn about maintaining their independence, but these 7 tips should help. There were roughly 76 million births from 1946 to 1964, a generation known to everyone as the baby boomers. And although nearly 11 million baby boomers passed away by 2012, the sheer number of people […]

Seniors Coping with Loss of Independence

Help Seniors Cope with the Loss of Independence A loss of independence is a fear many seniors have. When this fear is realized, there are several ways caregivers need to help. According to an AARP study conducted in 2012, 57% of seniors over age 70 do not find it easy to live alone and need […]

6 Helpful In-Home Caregiving Products

6 Helpful In-Home Caregiving Products: Tools to Help Make Caregiving a Little Easier Practical tools can help make any job a little easier, especially tools that are designed specifically for the situation at hand. Thankfully there’s a wide variety of products to help in-home caregivers care for their senior loved ones and help keep them […]

How Do I Choose The Right In Home Caregiver?

Many times the search for the right Senior Home Care Agency must be performed quickly because of an emergency medical condition. Other times people are able to plan ahead and research the various provider companies. Regardless of your timeline, this is a decision which impacts everyone involved emotionally, as well as financially. You want to […]

Why In Home Care Is Better Than A Nursing Home…

Most elders would prefer to stay in their own homes, where they know their neighbors and can associate memories with each piece of furniture and object around them, rather than move to an institution as they age. Things that can make “aging in place” — the current term for staying in one’s own home as […]