7 Benefits of Home Care vs Nursing Homes for Seniors

As more people reach retirement age, we all need to take a moment to figure out the future of our loved ones. With so many aging senior citizens, assisted living spaces are starting to become more sparse. It’s better to have a plan in place before things become too dire.

But there’s another option. Home care is a great way to give your loved one the care they need in the comfort of their own home.

If you’re uncertain about how the benefits of home care vs. assisted living weigh up, keep reading. We’ll go through everything with you to give you a clearer picture.

1. Personal Caregiving

One of the strains for most caregivers in assisted living communities is the fact they have many different patients to watch over. This means they’re hurried, trying to get from one patient to the next.

There’s not enough time to spend getting to know one patient from another as they need to give each one an equal amount of their time. Although a personal touch isn’t necessary to give good care to anyone, it does improve the quality of the interaction.

With a home care plan in place, your home care aides has a chance to learn more about your loved one. They’ll have proper, meaningful conversations while administering the necessary care, making the entire situation far more enjoyable for everyone involved.

2. Specific Care Plan

Another problem of having so many patients to tend to at one time is that sometimes assisted living caregivers need to adopt an umbrella strategy. This means they’ll treat a lot of symptoms or problems in the same way unless it needs urgent attention.

While the care they provide is still appropriate, sometimes a patient needs something more specific. It doesn’t matter if it’s extra care due to Alzheimer’s or physical therapy for a specific joint, home care lets an aide spend all of their energy on your loved one instead of splitting up their thought processes between many patients at once.

If your loved one has special needs, make sure they’re getting the right care service they deserve.

3. Provides Unmatchable Comfort

There’s nothing quite like the comfort of home. Even vacations at luxury resorts soon turn stale compared to your own home.

The same is true for seniors in assisted living communities. No matter how nice the place may be, no matter how decorated or beautiful the surroundings, it’s nothing like home.

Home care is different.

There’s no problem of them feeling out of place or anxious about being in a new building. There’s no need to learn a new layout or find a new favorite spot. With the help of a home care plan, your loved one gets to continue being in a place they feel most comfortable.

4. Visitations are Easier

Loneliness is a difficult battle for most seniors. It’s also hard for the family to visit when a loved one is far away and life takes a busy turn. It’s even more difficult if visiting hours for the care facility don’t mesh with your own schedule.

Instead of being in a different setting, your loved one gets to stay where they have always been. There’s no change of pace or change of scenery. It makes it easier for both friends and family to visit in the same routine as always.

There’s no reason to make things difficult for everyone involved when home care lets everything stay the same. The only real difference is that an aide comes in to help tend to your loved one, become almost part of the family rather than disrupting the norm.

5. Lower Stress Levels

Keeping stress levels low is an important part of everyone’s health. A lot of detrimental illnesses and symptoms occur when stress is an everyday part of our lives.

With more visitors and more day-to-day comforts, stress isn’t as much of a factor for your loved one. They still retain their normal routine and nothing gets interrupted to cause anxiety in their lives.

They’ll receive their in-home care at roughly the same time every day (if needed), letting them set their own schedule around the plan. In assisted living communities, staff might drop by at a moment’s notice, disrupting whatever it is that your loved one’s doing at the time.

It also lowers stress levels for the rest of the family. You’ll rest assured that your loved one is getting all the right care they deserve. Plus, there’s no worry that the facility might change its policy and require your loved one to move somewhere else.

6. Cheaper Alternative

When a loved one lives in an assisted living community, they often need to rent the room at a specific rate. The payment to live in a facility depends on the community you choose, but in most cases, the cost of home care vs. assisted living care ends with home care being the better and cheaper alternative.

Home care lets your loved one stay at their house or even with you in yours. The only extra cost is that of the home care aide.

7. Allows More Freedom

Most facilities come with rules and restrictions. Visiting hours are set beforehand and seniors are not often allowed to leave the area without signing out with a friend or family member.

With home care, your loved one still retains all of the freedoms they enjoyed before. They’ll have ample opportunity to go out and get some exercise, and they can even visit friends and family on their own if they want.

Nothing stops them from living a normal life in the exact way they want!

Talk to Your Loved One About Home Care vs. Assisted Living

Being upfront and honest with any big decision is a vital step to finding something that suits everyone in the family. With something as big as home care vs. assisted living, honesty is more important than ever.

Sit down as a family and weigh the pros and cons together. Come to a decision that everyone feels comfortable with. This way everyone knows what to expect with the changes happening in your family’s day-to-day life.

Looking for some advice? Contact us today and we’ll be more than happy to help out!