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Signs That an Elderly Person Needs a Home Care Aide.

Aging in place is a positive option for seniors. Elderly persons benefit in many ways when they can enjoy independence in their own homes. However, this does not mean a senior does not need help. You may notice some signs that your loved one needs a home care aide. Your Loved One Has Become Forgetful Some degree of forgetfulness is natural to many elderly persons. It does not necessarily mean he has a health or mental health issue. Forgetfulness, though, is a sign that he needs assistance. Forgetfulness can affect a senior’s health and safety. He may not remember to take his medications on time, eat meals, or lock his doors. Even moderate forgetfulness can be harmful or dangerous to an elderly person. Your Loved One Spends Too Much Time Alone If your elderly relative does not have friends in his age group, does not associate with his neighbors on a regular basis, or does not have a family member who visits frequently, loneliness can be harmful. When a senior does not have someone to communicate with regularly, he may spend much of his time worrying. It can affect his mental health, and he may become severely depressed. Your Loved One Neglects His Home Seniors are not all excellent housekeepers. Some seniors may not feel up to tidying their homes, while others dislike household chores or have never learned the skills. There are also many seniors who refuse to throw anything away. These issues can make the home environment unsafe. When debris is allowed to build up, it can increase the risk of falls. Items can block doorways, or...
6 Helpful In-Home Caregiving Products

6 Helpful In-Home Caregiving Products

6 Helpful In-Home Caregiving Products: Tools to Help Make Caregiving a Little Easier   Practical tools can help make any job a little easier, especially tools that are designed specifically for the situation at hand. Thankfully there’s a wide variety of products to help in-home caregivers care for their senior loved ones and help keep them safe. Caregiving is a tough enough job as it is. The following are a few products that can help make a caregiver’s job, and a senior’s life, a little easier. 6 Helpful In-Home Caregiving Products Automatic Stove Turn-Off With Preprogrammed Timer Motion sensors and timers are a great a resource for anyone caring for a loved one with dementia. They can be installed on any number of household fixtures, including stoves and faucets. If there’s no movement near the stove or faucet for a specific time, the sensor triggers an automatic shut-off. The automatic stove turn-off device will automatically turn the stove off after the preprogrammed 8 minute time period if the person leaves the kitchen and forgets to return. If a person turns the stove on, leaves the kitchen, and does not return within the default 6 minute warning time period, the device begins a series of beeping alerts and flashing lights for a two minute period. LED Night Lights Dark nighttime hallways and bathrooms are difficult to navigate for anyone, but they can be especially hazardous for a senior person with limited vision or mobility. Wall-socket plug–in LED night lights are environment-friendly, relatively inexpensive, and automatic, which means they turn on and off depending on the level of ambient light in...